Your Referability SWOT – Michelle Donovan on the Becoming Referable podcast

On this week’s episode we’re excited to speak with Michelle Donovan, a Partner with Productivity Uncorked. Michelle helps financial firms drive growth, gain focus and overcome their fears.

We begin the episode by discussing Michelle’s book, A Woman’s Way, highlighting the key differences between male and female advisors and how those differences affect referrals.  Michelle describes how to develop the skills you need to drive growth, even when those skills don’t come naturally. From there, we shift to specific tactics that emphasize educating clients on how to refer instead of asking for referrals. We discuss ways to teach clients how to introduce you. Finally, Michelle explains her ‘Referral SWOT Analysis’ and how this approach can be used to create a process that drives growth.

It is a great discussion that will help you understand what is getting in the way of greater referral growth and focus on taking action.

Click here to listen; we welcome your feedback, as always

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