A distinct brand lets you attract more clients.

We can build it for you.

Stop wasting money on marketing projects and adopt a marketing strategy.

Frustrated? We understand. Many advisors express the same feeling. When we analyze their marketing we see a consistent theme. Marketing dollars spent on tactics: mail campaigns, ads, seminars. But they are missing the consistent message that ties all of it together.

You need a brand

A brand is not a logo. It’s not a website. It is the overarching idea you stand for. We joke that a brand is what people say about you when you’re not in the room.

It pervades all messaging: website, articles, and blog posts, even what you say when you are out in public. When messaging reinforces a consistent mission and value, it magnifies and amplifies your unique proposition. That’s your brand.

(And if it’s based on client input – if you have a client-driven brand - you can be sure your value will be recognized and valued by the prospects you want most.)

If your communication does not build a consistent brand message, contact us about how we can help you organize your marketing and get better results.

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