When you improve things, make sure people know about it.

Promote your improvements

My wife and I joke with each other, while posting pictures of us on date night, that if it doesn’t appear on Facebook it didn’t actually happen. In a recent client advisory board, the firm wanted to find out what clients thought of its new and improved planning and file sharing systems. If I can...Continue reading

Advisors already compete with Amazon

Advisors already compete with Amazon

I took my bike for a tune-up recently and struck up a conversation with the owner, Scott. When the pandemic hit, demand for bicycles doubled. Bike shops sold out. Manufacturers have scrambled to catch up and production has been plagued by supply-chain interruptions. I asked Scott how the business was doing without being able to...Continue reading

Tech success or failure

Co-Create your client-facing tech stack

Here’s a tale of two technologies. First is a video conferencing platform. When the pandemic broke out, we all went into quarantine, and the market dropped 30%, clients had a sudden need for increased contact with their advisor and no way to meet in person. Technologies like zoom, GoToMeeting, and Skype made it possible for...Continue reading

A bright idea

Engaging your clients in innovation

Innovation is critical to the future of your business. In this week’s episode, we focus on what kind of innovation to pursue to create an effortless client experience and how to engage your clients in the process. We examine how to actively involve clients to identify what forms of innovation will have the greatest impact...Continue reading

Broeg, Keiffer, and Krise discuss referrals during a pandemic

Getting more referrals than ever during the pandemic – InTandem Financial on the Becoming Referable podcast

On this week’s episode we speak with InTandem Financial Partners Matt Krise and Jay Broeg and Director of Client Relations & Marketing Traci Keiffer. While the pandemic has altered the way advisors interact with clients, InTandem has experienced a year of unprecedented growth for their business by truly engaging with their clients. The team describes...Continue reading

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