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How much money are you wasting on services your clients don’t value?

Most advisory firms do a couple of things their clients value (and talk about) most. Firms that focus on those things get more successful.

How many clients are you missing because your marketing fails to mention what clients value most?

Conduct advisory board in person or virtually!

We have developed a process and resources to enable you to host your advisory board meeting digitally

Get clarity on what your best clients value most.
Reap the rewards in increased loyalty, more efficiency, and more clients!

How much money are you wasting on services your clients on value?

When was the last time you asked clients what they value most about working with you and how you could make it better? The most successful, most highly referred firms, solicit and act on client feedback. And the deepest, richest feedback comes from a guided conversation with the client advisory board.

We are the leader in providing coaching and consulting on organizing and facilitating client advisory boards for professional service firms, and translating that feedback into actionable service and marketing strategies.

What you can learn:

  • How you can deliver the most value in client review meetings
  • What clients respond to in your communications
  • How and why clients refer you
  • How to make your planning process more engaging

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