Differentiating yourself by doing marketing – Megan Carpenter on the Becoming Referable podcast


Many advisors are frustrated with their growth and business development but, ironically, most advisors don’t do any marketing! (Although they may think they do.) Today on the Becoming Referable podcast, Megan Carpenter is here to dive deeper into innovative and effective ways to think about marketing in the financial services world.

Megan is co-founder and CEO of FiComm Partners, LLC, an integrated communications agency with a mission to help financial advisors connect more effectively with their target audiences. She has spent over 16 years in this industry, helping advisors better market themselves and grow their businesses. A regular blogger, sought-after speaker, and media contributor, Megan has great insights to share about what marketing truly is – and is not – and where advisors can focus their efforts to reach out to their prospective clients for maximum payoff.

We talk about the fundamentals of marketing, such as building your ‘brand infrastructure’, whether you’re an independent advisor or part of a larger corporation. What are the key differences between client service, business development, and marketing, and why is it important to make these distinctions? Megan shed light on how a strong brand and marketing strategy can have a huge impact on success. She also shared some stats on how much the average advisor invests in marketing (hint: not much!), how much is ideal, and how she recommends those resources are allocated. We finished off, as we usually do, with referrals, and how you can use the strategies she discusses to engender trust and confidence in potential clients.

Click here to listen to our conversation, and let us know if you have any feedback!

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