Improving the client experience with the right technology stack – David Lyon on the Becoming Referable podcast

Today on the Becoming Referable podcast we welcome David Lyon, CEO and Founder of Oranj, the industry’s first freemium wealth management platform. Prior to this, David was the Principal of the Main Street Financial, a $300m+ AUM multi-family office.

Even as David grew his RIA to $200 million in two years via referrals (we made sure to ask for more details on this!), he saw the need for a modern, differentiated advice service advisors can use to enrich the lives of their clients while differentiating themselves. In our conversation, David explains just how Oranj helps advisors do this, and the unique revenue model they employ. You’ll hear why their goal is to become an entirely free service for advisors.

David talks about why it’s critical for advisors to look outside our industry at companies like Amazon, to understand how the fundamentals of their service offering are very similar, and how they can bring the best client experience practices those companies use with their clients. He reminds us that the client experience really starts well before they join your firm, and why strategies like client journey mapping are powerful in designing an experience that leads to increased referrals.

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