Julie Littlechild on the Becoming Referable Podcast


As a follow up to last week’s blog post, hear me interview co-host Julie Littlechild on the Becoming Referable podcast about her new book The Power of Absolute Engagement.

Julie Littlechild is a speaker, author, researcher, and founder of AbsoluteEngagement.com. She helps successful professionals and entrepreneurs design businesses that support the lives they want to live and to create lives that fuel their capacity to do just that. Julie has worked with and studied top producing professionals, their clients and their teams for twenty years. She is the author of The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement, as well as a popular blog. Julie was twice identified as one of the 25 Most Influential People in Financial Planning by Investment Advisor Magazine and has won the Influencer Award in practice management from Financial Planning Magazine.

We will hear her discovery of what the top 15% of advisors do differently, and how it leads to better health, less stress, while building a more successful business at the same time. We get to hear how she uncovered this in the course of her own journey to develop a more fulfilling business of her own. She gives us an overview of how you can update your business to become absolutely engaged and enjoy those benefits as well.

I’m sure you will find these insights thought provoking and important for your own strategic planing. You can listen to or download the episode here.

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