Leveraging video to become more referable – Tad Fabiaschi on the Becoming Referable podcast

We are big fans of ideas that push you out of your comfort zone and help you break through to the next level of referability and success. Today’s guest, Tad Fabiaschi, is here to discuss an important example: creating video content to connect with your clients and prospects.

Tad is Vice President of Audience Development at Asset TV Inc., a free web-based platform designed financial advisors and investors as a source for education, due diligence, product offerings and strategies, reaching over 200,000 professionals in the US. In his role he has gained valuable insights on the importance of video as a marketing and engagement tool for advisors. Their latest initiative is Asset TV Investor, a video channel aimed at consumers. In addition to leveraging their extensive library of programming created for advisors, they enable individual advisors to create, post and promote content on their platform. That could be a powerful new tool in your kit.

We talk to Tad about how Asset TV makes it easy for you to start creating content and sharing your ideas with clients. We discuss the trends in video marketing and what’s truly working for advisors in terms of getting the word out. Tad also shares ideas about how to spot the patterns in your video engagement and grow your viewership with each piece of content.

Tad drives the point home that you can break through the discomfort of getting in front of the camera – focusing on the first steps you can take, compelling topics you can cover, and common mistakes to avoid. We know video is a medium that differentiates, and think you might get some inspiration from this chat!

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