Michael Kitces on the Becoming Referable podcast


This week’s episode of Becoming Referable features Michael Kitces, acknowledged throughout our industry as prolific writer and big thinker.

Michael is a Partner and the Director of Wealth Management for Pinnacle Advisory Group, co-founder of the XY Planning Network and New Planner Recruiting, publisher of the wildly popular Nerd’s Eye View blog, and host of the Financial Advisor Success podcast. In 2010, he was recognized with one of the FPA’s “Heart of Financial Planning” awards for his dedication and work in advancing the profession.

We talk to Michael about all things referrals. He explains how the difference between passive and active referrals results in a lack of strategy for many advisors. We discuss the current trends in how clients find and research an advisor, and why it’s critical to get ahead of that process. You’ll hear how Michael created his own vast following, and how a significant part of his firm’s growth  comes from referrals, even though he never asks for them.

The idea of a target or niche is a running thread through many of our episodes and that features in this  conversation as well. Finally, you’ll hear how you can take what can seem to be a daunting task – creating a library of referable content –  and break it down into bite-sized action items that you can start implementing today. As with everything Michael delivers, you’ll find the discussion to be in-depth, informative, and full of valuable insights.

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