Secrets of Social Marketing – Kevin Knebl on the Becoming Referable podcast

Known as a hippie in a suit, we are delighted to welcome Kevin Knebl on today’s Becoming Referable podcast, to describe a proven system for establishing and nurturing sincere relationships online that attracts more clients.

Kevin is the CEO of Knebl Communications, LLC, a social selling and relationship marketing firm. Kevin’s journey takes him from playing piano in bars to being the top salesperson for four different companies in four different industries. He accomplished this by developing a system for developing relationships with prospective customers. When LinkedIn was introduced, he recognized its potential to drastically increase the effectiveness of his system, propelling his success. He is co-author of The Social Media Sales Revolution: The New Rules for Finding Customers, Building Relationships, and Closing More Sales Through Online Networking.  He’s a leading authority on social selling, relationship marketing, LinkedIn and Twitter. He is a popular international speaker, consultant and coach.  His keynote and workshop presentations include a healthy dose of inspiration, transformational insight, and humor.

In our conversation Kevin provides expert advice on how to leverage social media platforms, especially LinkedIn, to build relationships and gain referrals. Kevin explains how building sincere and genuine conversations, online and offline, will help grow your network and create great opportunities. He touches on the importance of getting know your contacts through their social media profiles and using the key details you capture to make deeper connections and lasting relationships. We learn about Kevin’s high-tech high-touch marketing system, a simple but incredibly effective way of staying top of mind with the people you want to work with most.

Click here to listen to our conversation, and let us know what you think!

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