Ted Jenkin – The Social Media Ninja – on the Becoming Referable podcast


We’re excited to have reached the 10-episode mark of the Becoming Referable podcast! We hope that you’ve found our guests and conversations as valuable and insightful as we have.

This week’s episode is no different. We welcome Ted Jenkin, also known as Social Media Ninja. Ted was a former Group Vice President for Ameriprise Financial and the youngest Vice President in American Express Financial Advisors history. In 2008 Ted founded oXYGen Financial, a financial services company focused on serving the X and Y Generation, now with more than 2,500 clients. Ted has been quoted in more than 75 publication and newspapers, and writes www.yoursmartmoneymoves.com, one of the top 15 personal finance blogs in the U.S. He also shares his expertise in growing advisory businesses via online marketing at www.ditchthenametag.com.

In our conversation, Ted shares why and how he and his team have built a successful business around the Gen X/Y markets, and how the client experience they deliver stands out from the field. Ted has been ahead of the curve in understanding the trends in marketing and business growth, and the kinds of client communications that truly work to meet those goals. He provides the strategies he has used and answers our questions about his outlook for what will work best in the future.

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