The benefits of dropping clients – Jennifer Goldman on the Becoming Referable podast

Today we welcome Jennifer Goldman on the Becoming Referable podcast as we focus on a concept which is not talk about nearly enough in this industry; off-boarding clients.

As your business grows and develops, the nature of your services and, therefore, the types of clients you can best serve evolves. This growth creates in many advisory firms a segment of clients who are being neglected and not serviced well. These clients do not see your best side, distract you and your staff, will not be ambassadors for the firm, and do not provide the kind of referrals you seek. In fact, if they provide referrals at all they are likely to be outside your target market. Finding alternatives for these clients serves them better and can have positive outcomes for your business.

In our conversation, Jen makes a compelling case that off-boarding clients can have a positive impact on both profitability and productivity in your business. She discusses how to intentionally off board clients either because you’re working with the wrong clients or simply too many clients. She walks us through a great example of off-boarding and speaks on how to overcome the internal obstacles that might get in the way of taking action.

Jennifer Goldman is a CFP® with 25 years’ experience in transforming advisory businesses to be more profitable and enjoyable. Her expertise is in strategic business planning, staff and resource recalibration, tech integration optimization, Lean® process creation, and implementation of operational efficiencies. Jen’s philosophy includes productive collaboration and having an IDEOS® mind- set.

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