The power of mindset – Brittany Anderson on the Becoming Referable podcast

This week on the Becoming Referable podcast, we welcome Brittany Anderson.

Brittany is an entrepreneur, speaker and author. She began her journey as the COO for Sweet Financial Services but went on to co-found Dare to Dream Enterprises, providing resources to help advisors level up their teams so the entrepreneur/business owner can focus on growing the business. Brittany has co-authored two books, Dare to Dream: Design the Retirement You Can’t Wait to Wake Up to and Imagine. Act. Inspire. A Daily Journal, and travels across the country speaking on stages about the importance of “showing up” in all that you do.

In our conversation, Brittany shares the role of mindset in creating engaged client relationships. She provides great practice management tips on how to scale your business in a sustainable manner, through creating process. We’re introduced to the role of an “implementer” and discuss how having the right talent and clearly defined roles help advisors become ever more referable.


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