Treating Your Staff Right Will Improve Customer Service


If you want to raise your level of customer service, look inward before you look outward.

Advisors who want to do more business with clients and attract new clients will frequently (and correctly) focus on evaluating their customer experience. It is a good idea to make sure that you are thrilling clients before adding additional services or looking for new clients. Even before that, however, give some attention to the experience of your employees.

There are several studies that show that employees will treat clients largely same way they are treated. If they work in a supportive and positive environment, they will be motivated, positive and attentive to clients. If they are frustrated or demotivated they will likely be curt, inattentive or disrespectful to clients.

One way to evaluate client satisfaction is to conduct a survey. Before doing a client survey, try an employee survey. Want more detailed feedback on how you lead? Considered having a 360° performance review.

If you find that your employees are not happy or have dissatisfaction with their working environment, addressing those concerns will improve your client experience as well. Attempts to increase client satisfaction when your employees are unhappy will probably fall flat. Your employees are your closest, most important group of clients. Providing them a positive, rewarding experience will pay dividends when they work with the firm’s clients.

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