Use the Hollywood Approach to be more compelling with clients – Kristina Paider on the Becoming Referable podcast

As you may have noticed, we’re big fans of story-telling which is why we are excited to welcome Kristina Paider on the Becoming Referable podcast to reveal all the secrets of story, the influence it has on our lives and careers, and how you can utilize story to be a more effective communicator.

KP has written Hollywood scripts and a best-selling book, and run marketing for a $10 billion global hospitality company. Her clients include luxury hotels, medical teams, researchers, artists, CEOs and high-performance individuals around the world. In studying the triumphs and adversity of characters in pursuit of their goals, both in fiction and in real life, Kristina has identified the universally accessible ways of tapping into your inner hero.

Kristina describes her Hollywood screenwriting career and relates that back to helping advisors tell captivating and relatable stories. We discuss how good story-telling can unveil clients’ goals and lead to deeper conversations. Kristina explains how The Hollywood Approach can make your stories memorable and help you be more persuasive.



Click here to listen; we welcome your feedback, as always.

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