You need to leverage technology in client communications – Jeff Marsden on the Becoming Referable podcast

Our guest on this week’s Becoming Referable podcast is Jeff Marsden, Chief Product and Strategy Officer for Xtiva Financial Systems. Jeff has spent his career in financial services and fintech, focused on helping organizations achieve more. He has founded or co-founded five companies across several industries and actively mentors start-ups.

Jeff is keenly interested in how advisors and clients interact so we pick his brain on the future of communications and client service.  And we focus in on the strategies that advisors need to stay ahead of the pack.

We start our conversation with a high-level view of the overall trends that will affect financial services in the near future. From there, Jeff goes deep on how technology will support client engagement, making the point that advisors who ignore those trends, do so at their peril. You’ll hear why he believes that the advisor-client relationship “is becoming one whole digital integration experience, which brings the human and the technical together.”

We talk about how technology is helping clients take a bigger role than ever before on the service they receive, and helping advisors understand client needs, psychology, and priorities in a whole new way. Jeff has great advice about how you can leverage technology to better understand what clients find truly valuable. He also outlines five clear steps on enhancing the overall client experience, with an emphasis on mapping the client journey. We wrap up by talking about how this all comes together in the form of powerful stories and mythologies that make clients willing and eager advocates for you.

Click here to listen to the episode, and let us know what you think!

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