Creating a niche for entrepreneurs – Randy Gerber on the Becoming Referable podcast


Randy is a member of the Raymond James Financial Services Leaders Council, has served on their Executive Council and Chairman’s Council, and has been recognized as an outstanding financial advisor by Raymond James every year since 1999.

Randy and his firm are a wonderful example of what happens when a personal passion informs a target market, and the rest of the business aligns itself in support of those things. He talks us through the steps that were taken in the firm, once they had defined their target market, to transition the rest of their existing clients elsewhere. From there, the team got to work on pinning down the common needs and challenges of their target group, and tailored their service offering to position themselves as the ideal partner for those clients. You’ll hear why Randy has left terminology like ‘advisory firm’ or ‘wealth management firm’ by the wayside, and the way the firm is presented to the world now to truly reflect the breadth of the work they do. It’s no surprise that they saw a marked increase in referrals once they made these changes, and Randy speaks to that as well. He has great advice for advisors looking to differentiate themselves in the marketplace.

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