Financial Planning without the plan – Josh Patrick on the Becoming Referable podcast



Our guest this week on Becoming Referable is Josh Patrick of Stage 2 Planning Partners and Josh is a prolific writer, thought leader, entrepreneur, speaker, and podcaster. He has written for the New York Times, Inc., Forbes, and maintains a blog of his own.

Josh brings the benefit of decades of experience in diverse industries to our conversation. He shares the lessons he’s learned about building a business, and just as importantly, sustaining it. He tells us why he calls himself a niche-a-holic (and why he thinks all advisors should do the same). We talk about the power of saying ‘no’ to the wrong clients, and the complexities of building a brand as an individual and also as a firm.

Josh explains why his approach to financial planning does not involve a financial plan. We discuss the pitfalls of succession planning within the context of the lessons he has learned in his own businesses. Finally, you’ll want to make sure you jot down Josh’s five steps towards creating a sustainable business. We’re sure you will realize the power of these strategies and why he has been able to use them to help create extraordinary value in the lives of clients and advisors alike.

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