Diversity, Growth, and Referrals – Angela D’Angelo on the Becoming Referable podcast

On this week’s episode we’re excited to speak with Angela D’Angelo, Vice President of Development & Client Experience at National Bank Financial.

Angela runs a team that is dedicated to helping advisors become better leaders, to run their businesses more effectively and to support their growth efforts.

She breaks down why and when clients refer and how you can leverage that motivation to help drive more referrals in your own business. We then dive into Angela’s thinking on the impact that the structure of your team has on your ability to grow, with a focus on skills and diversity. She takes us through a range of strategic conversations that will support more referrals, comfortably.

It is a great discussion that will help you uncover ways to think about your entire business to support increased referral growth.

Click here to listen; we welcome your feedback, as always.

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