In a virtual world, relationships still rule – Meg Bartelt on the Becoming Referable podcast

On this week’s episode we speak with Meg Bartelt, Founder and President of Flow Financial Planning, on how to master the virtual client experience.

Transitioning into financial planning from a role in the tech world gave Meg a natural market she has developed into a thriving business. She describes how a tight focus on her target market and her clients’ attraction to a virtual experience contributed to her success.

She takes us on the journey from there to here and the tough decisions she had to make along the way. Through building a virtual practice, Meg has figured out how to adapt her approach while still delivering the same important things for any advisor.

Meg discusses what it means to build a business that reflects your personality and your passion.

She addresses the benefits of working with the people you want and the challenges of working virtually. She explains how to attract clients by tapping into established networks and her view that geography is not an obstacle. Meg shares her experiences with virtual meetings and provides tips on what you can do differently to still feel that personal connection. We also break down understanding referral behaviors and how you can still attract referrals  in the virtual world. All advisors can learn from this timely discussion of Meg’s expertise in today’s environment.

Click here to listen; we welcome your feedback, as always.

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