Creating unique client events – David Finley on the Becoming Referable podcast

David Finley knows that creating rich experiences for clients is the most powerful engagement strategy. In this episode we talk with David about how his company, Living Wealth Media, helps advisors partner with international lifestyle brands to produce unique invitation-only events for their clients that create memorable experiences and differentiate them. Our discussion leads off...Continue reading

The benefits of being kind and getting noticed – Jill Lublin on the Becoming Referable podcast

This week’s episode of Becoming Referable features master strategist Jill Lublin. Jill’s work is focused on attracting attention and all the positive business outcomes it can generate, including referrals. We discuss several ways of attracting referrals and start with kindness. You may not think of kindness first when contemplating how to attract more clients but...Continue reading

Let’s postpone the election

President Trump lit the Twitterverse on fire and sent pundits scrambling for their cameras and microphones this week when he suggested that the combination of the pandemic and irregularities in mail-in voting suggest that we should delay the November election. One thing the president does well is attract attention. And financial advisors can learn from...Continue reading

Increasing access to quality financial planning though Agile development. Brent Weiss on the Becoming Referable podcast

In this week’s episode we are thrilled to speak with Brent Weiss. Brent is the Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of Facet Wealth, a fintech and financial life planning firm whose mission is to make high quality financial advice affordable and for everyone. Many advisors talk about leveraging technology to make their businesses more efficient (often...Continue reading

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