Creating unique client events – David Finley on the Becoming Referable podcast

David Finley knows that creating rich experiences for clients is the most powerful engagement strategy. In this episode we talk with David about how his company, Living Wealth Media, helps advisors partner with international lifestyle brands to produce unique invitation-only events for their clients that create memorable experiences and differentiate them.

Our discussion leads off with explaining drivers for deeper engagement with your clients and break down what it means to connect with experiences to broaden conversations. David illustrates how he built a framework for designing content and experience offerings that truly stand out amongst the noise. We also dissect the value of advice and how advisors are redefining the value proposition. David also shares his idea of ‘referral privilege’ and the way we can create a less intrusive way for referrals from our clients. It is an interesting discussion that will have you thinking of new ways to provide value and further the connection you have with clients.

Click here to listen we welcome your feedback, as always.

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