What’s wrong with offering peace of mind?

Many advisors say that ultimately what they offer clients is peace of mind. And it’s undermining their business development goals. It actually makes you invisible.

The objective of a client-driven brand is to stand out from other advisors in the mind of your client. Stand out by offering something of specific value your ideal clients desire that they associate with you. If what you offer can be obtained lots of other ways through other organizations it cannot distinguish you. You become invisible.

Peace of mind can come from a church, a doctor, or a home security system. If you want to deliver peace of mind, promote meditation.

Better to talk about who your clients aspire to become in relation to their finances. Narrow the focus just enough to create a natural link between that objective and the kind of advice and services you provide.

For example, you might say that because of their work with you,

  • Our clients make confident financial decisions
  • Feel prepared to transition into retirement
  • Have meaningful goals they are on course to accomplish
  • Develop confidence in managing their money after losing their partner
  • Are great examples of financial responsibility to their kids
  • Know how to make smart financial decisions
  • Have a healthy relationship with money and how they handle it

These desired outcomes are related to finances. People who want to achieve them are likely to think about a financial advisor. It is less likely that they will think of other professionals or organizations.

Being specific in this way helps position you as the particular resource to turn to. Crafting a value proposition this way makes you more memorable.

How do you want people to remember you?

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