Increasing access to quality financial planning though Agile development. Brent Weiss on the Becoming Referable podcast

In this week’s episode we are thrilled to speak with Brent Weiss. Brent is the Co-Founder and Chief Evangelist of Facet Wealth, a fintech and financial life planning firm whose mission is to make high quality financial advice affordable and for everyone.

Many advisors talk about leveraging technology to make their businesses more efficient (often with the goal of increasing profit margins). Brett discusses how technology can lower the cost of high-quality financial advice to clients, making it available to more people while delivering a more rewarding client experience. We also discuss how Facet Wealth can be a partner to advisory firms to help them create the capacity to devote more focus on their target clients.

We delve deeper into the topic by discussing how to create an agile iterative development experience that clients will love and how technology can free up time to focus on what really matters. We also discuss ways you can target client acquisitions and offerings to scale access to a marketplace. It’s an in-depth discussion on ways we can refine our businesses to create better outcomes for more clients.

Click here to listen. We welcome your feedback, as always.

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