Learning your lines

Imagine you discover a magic spell that could motivate any client to do exactly the right thing. One catch – it is in an unfamiliar language. Pronouncing the syllables has been revealed to you, but you are unfamiliar with the words. And, obviously, it is not something you would naturally say. At first you struggle...Continue reading

Upcoming webinar: How to give your clients exactly what they want

Research shows that engaging your clients in co-creating the experience improves engagement, loyalty, and referrals. Stephen Wershing, The Client Driven Practice, and Marie Swift, Impact Communications, will discuss the principles of success behind feedback exercises that produce real results. Two advisors, Brian Fricke, CFP®, Financial Management Concepts, and Howard Lutz, Intercontinental Wealth Advisors, will describe their experiences and insights...Continue reading

Managing the elements of your investment management process – Evan Rapoport on the Becoming Referable podcast

The intersection of technology, investment management, and outsourcing is central to the client experience you provide. In this episode we speak with Evan Rapoport, whose firm SmartX Advisory Solutions lives in that space. Building on years of experience in the institutional asset management segment, Mr. Rapoport pioneered managed accounts technology that would allow wealth managers...Continue reading

The Pronoun Test

Do you want to hear about me? You probably have some goal for being here on the Internet, on my blog. If I tell you some things about myself will that help you accomplish your goal? Last week I played the role of a prospective client with an advisor. We are working on documenting her...Continue reading

Coaching clients to leverage their wealth in the service of others – Dr. Tom Deans on the Becoming Referable podcast

Award-winning speaker and Globe and Mail best-selling author and international speaker Dr. Tom Deans believes that the unprecedented wealth transfer in Canada of $1 trillion will transform lives, culture, and the nation itself. Wealth managers play a key role in guiding clients, regardless of their wealth, to leverage those resources to live extraordinary and purposeful full lives...Continue reading

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