Client Feedback is more important than ever, but different

In this special episode, we focus on the role of client feedback in creating meaningful connections with clients and how that has evolved this year. We look at how the process has changed and why the voice of the client is more important now than ever.

This episode includes new research on ‘Client Self-Confidence’ and how it connects to critical aspects of your business such as satisfaction and loyalty.  And we look at how you can make a significant impact on self-confidence to support your clients right now.

There is no doubt that we need to examine the role of client feedback as it relates to the current environment and it has definitely changed.  But we also discuss how client feedback can fuel deeper client conversations, at a time when clients are getting tired of talking about the same things. We refer to it as getting input rather than feedback and review how it can help you enhance your value especially in turbulent times.

It is a great discussion that will have you asking yourself, how can I adapt to provide more meaningful value to my clients by integrating the voice of the client?

Click here to listen and do provide your feedback on what you hear!

One way client feedback is changing is that we cannot get together to do client advisory boards. Find out seven tips on how to conduct a successful advisory board virtually. Click here:

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