The benefits of being kind and getting noticed – Jill Lublin on the Becoming Referable podcast

This week’s episode of Becoming Referable features master strategist Jill Lublin. Jill’s work is focused on attracting attention and all the positive business outcomes it can generate, including referrals.

We discuss several ways of attracting referrals and start with kindness. You may not think of kindness first when contemplating how to attract more clients but Jill makes the point it can have real impact on your bottom line.

Jill discusses her ‘7 Return on Kindness Principles’ and tactics advisors can take to become known as a ‘kind company’. We break down the connection between getting noticed and its impact on generating more referrals while also providing ways for advisors to get noticed by potential clients.

From there, we have an in-depth conversation stimulating referrals by asking the right questions. It is a great discussion on ways we can use happiness and getting noticed to increase referrals and profits for our businesses.

Finally, we dig into some of the concepts from her book get noticed, get referrals. Jill describes several strategies for attracting attention in normal business events and relationships and how you can navigate those purposefully to engage people to refer.

Listen through to the end to get an offer from Jill for free admission to one of her publicity workshops where you can learn several strategies for more effectively raising your profile.

Click here to listen. We welcome your feedback, as always.

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