Kathleen Burns Kingsbury on developing a niche advising couples


On this episode of Becoming Referable we interview Kathleen Burns Kingsbury, wealth psychology expert, founder of KBK Wealth Connection, host of the Breaking Money Silence™ podcast, and the author of several books including How to Give Financial Advice to Women: Attracting and Retaining High-Net-Worth Female Clients and How to Give Financial Advice to Couples: Essential Skills for Balancing High-Net-Worth Clients’ Needs. 

In our discussion, she gets directly to the heart of what a niche is from her particular perspective: “Working with couples isn’t all you do, but it can be what you’re known for.”

We discuss what makes for a great niche in advising couples, and helps us understand that while the advice is not necessarily different, the experience of delivering that advice to a couple needs to be differnt than advising an individual if it is to be effective. We talk about stereotypes, the dynamic of couples and the relationship you can have with them, breaking money myths, and practical tips on getting people to talk about you and this service you offer.

I hope you enjoy this lively and useful episode! You can hear this episode and find out how to subscribe to the podcast here.

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