Marie Swift on Becoming Referable


If we’re seen as a credible source, people want to talk about us.”


This week on the Becoming Referable podcast we’re thrilled to be joined by Marie Swift, a thought leader, speaker, writer, and President & CEO of Impact Communications.

Marie works with highly successful independent advisors and allied institutions to develop social media, public relations, and marketing plans. She generates interesting conversations with movers and shakers in the industry at her Thought Leader Round Table series, and shares best practices through her blog at

In our conversation, Marie offers actionable strategies on using your online presence to become more referable. We talk about how to leverage websites and social media in a way that is in line with your marketing strategy. Marie’s insights will help you navigate the different resources available to you. And, she’ll get you thinking about the nature and forms of content that are best for each platform and how to sustain the effort without consuming all of your time.


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As always, we welcome your thoughts on the podcast.

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