Melissa Intezar

Referrals through Centers of Influence – Melissa Intezar on the Becoming Referable podcast

Do you want to build strong relationships with Centers of Influence?

What are the best steps to take when establishing a referral management strategy?

On this week’s episode of Becoming Referable, we speak with Melissa Intezar, Vice President and Manager of Enterprise Consulting at AssetMark. Our focus is on having processes behind a referral management system and how that can have a significant impact on strengthening your relationship with clients and COIs.

Our conversation includes:

  • Managing the risks of referral
  • The 3 components of the client-facing process of referrals
  • Creating specific marketing materials to promote referrals
  • How to deal with friction points on relationship with partners
  • The surprising power of COI boards

Melissa explains how to connect with the right COIs and manage expectations. We discuss the importance of the value proposition when establishing strategic partnerships and how to calculate the value of advice. Melissa draws from her experience with helping businesses develop referral management strategies and gives great examples of how follow processes and establish trust.

It is a powerful conversation that will help you understand the components behind a referral management system and how that drives more referrals.

Click here to listen; we welcome your feedback, as always.

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