The Power of “What We Do Isn’t for Everybody” – Gail Graham on the Becoming Referable Podcast


This week on the Becoming Referable podcast, we welcome the wonderful Gail Graham.

Gail is the founder of Graham Strategy, LLC. She works with large wealth advisory firms who are committed to improving wealth management for consumers, and transforming their businesses as a result. Prior to her current ‘gig’, Gail was the CMO for United Capital and, prior to that, the EVP of marketing and business development at Fidelity Investments. She’s also a regular contributor at Financial Advisor Magazine and a hands-on philanthropist, serving on several advisory boards in her community.

Gail’s years of experience in leading teams in successful organizations comes through loud and clear in our conversation. She brings a powerful approach to marketing and brand strategy that may just be the wakeup call many firms are looking for. She asks you to think about what clients truly value about you and what really sets you apart (in human speak!). We discuss why being yourself is the best branding strategy, and consequently, an effective referral strategy. You’ll see how Gail’s approach will help you help clients communicate your value to others, simply and clearly.

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