Be the expert on your client

The better you understand your target market and their challenges, the more of those clients you will attract.

Clients hire advisors (and people provide referrals) because they are looking for someone who can solve their problems. The deeper you understand those problems and how to address them – and the extent to which you communicate that you can help people overcome those challenges –  the more clients you can attract.

Understanding the obstacles your target market faces, and all their nuance and detail, gains you credibility. When you can speak at length about what your client is up against and effective strategies for addressing it you show yourself to be an expert.

That expertise connects you with the people you want to attract. It helps them feel seen. That you “get” who they are. It creates trust. Whether you communicate that expertise through the content you produce or say it in a live personal conversation, it will draw the right people to you.

That depth of understanding is also the best basis for an effective referral.

Become the authority on your client persona.

In our client-driven model, marketing always begins with the client. Before we start talking about what you do, we dig into what your target market seeks. What challenge do they have that is unique to them, that distinguishes them from the rest of the population?

The more you know about that challenge the better you can devise a strategy for helping them overcome it. The deeper you understand it, the greater your expertise. It can point you in the direction of skills and knowledge you can acquire to distinguish you from other advisors.

If you specialize in people preparing for retirement, Social Security expertise will add value. As would strategies for managing taxes of retirement distributions. So could relationships with travel agents if your clients hope to travel more. Even a knowledge of volunteering opportunities may be helpful.

Line up resources your client persona is likely to need. That elevates your reputation while building awareness and trust. Become the “go to” person.

The more you can position yourself as an expert in your clients’ life situation the easier it will be for people to find you and refer you.

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